LED Christmas Candles With Pedestal


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Product Information

📣The Best Gift You Should Get For Your Friends /Family.

The LED flameless crystal candle light adopts LED luminous technology to safely simulate flames. The crystal body of the crystal candle looks dazzling under the light. The candle elves in the ice world can dispel the cold brought by winter and spend a warm Christmas with you.


When the glitter liquid rotates, its color changes beautifully. The glitter aesthetic is magnified thanks to the LED lights. It also mimics the warm and cozy ambient provided by a Christmas candle!

Colour Changing: As the water swirls around, a color-changing LED illuminates the water to create a dazzling festive feature. The colors change slowly between green, yellow, red, pink, transparent, and blue. Whilst the replica flame glows a flaming orange color.

A gift from the world of ice and snow

The crystal flame candle is crystal clear, dotted with colorful sparkling fragments, just like crystals from another world, exuding the breath of ice and snow. Make your home as if you are in a beautiful world of ice and snow.



Sturdy and durable environmental protection material

The LED flashing candle adopts PS+ABS material, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, very strong. Even if it accidentally touches the ground, it will not break.

It is safe and convenient

The candle-shaped electronic luminous candle will not melt and produce toxic gas. The acrylic material wraps the electronic components tightly, which is very safe. Even if the child loves to play and touch, it will not hurt him. Using three AA batteries, the super portability allows you to place it anywhere in your home.



Features of color-changing LED Christmas candlelight:

  • No complicated assembly - no complicated wirings or assembly. After adding water, just insert the USB cable or install the battery and turn it on, and you're good to go.
  • Multiple lighting modes - changes from one beautiful lighting to another, swirling water illuminated by color-changing LED.
  • Creates a warm atmosphere - exchanging gifts will never be the same with the unique atmosphere this will provide.


  • Material:Plastic
  • Size: 10.2 x 3.1 inches
  • Power supply:  AAA battery or USB(Battery is not included)
  • Voltage:4.5V
  • Four Colors Set  : Gold, Silver, Blue, Red
  • ALL Colors Set  : Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, Purple

Package Included:

  • 1 x LED Candle  (With Pedestal)
  • 1 x USB cable    

TIP: 1.The lace on the candle is a DIY ornament, the packaging does not come with
2. Due to different production batch,the color of the top and the base of the candle may be differentDue to different production batch,the color of the top and the base of the candle may be different


  • We would greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to meet demand while ensuring that every piece meets our high-quality standards.
  • In order to ensure that the luminous liquid will not leak during transportation due to violent transportation, we use compression technology, after receiving the candle a simple injection of water, the candle can be restored to its original beauty(The propeller is hidden inside the candle, and when the switch is flipped, it will run slowly and make the glowing liquid flutter.)
  • If you have any operation problems, you can consult customer service: support@taineideocly.com